Since The Piazzolla Orchestra premiered in 2012 before a full house at Frederiksværk Music Festival in Copenhagen, they have been invited to stage the opera Maria de Buenos Aires at the Copenhagen Opera Festival and to perform at Tivoli Festival, Bornholm Culture Week, the opening
of Bergen International Music Festival in 2013 and again in 2016.

The Piazzolla Orchestra consists of six extraordinary talented soloists and chamber musicians. Each of them highly qualified, all of t.hem well known in Denmark and abroad for their work on the classical as well as the jazz music scene.

Accordeon Bjarke Mogensen
Violin Philippe Benjamin Skow
Piano Tanja Zapolski
Guitar Per Arne Ferner
Bass Jesper Thorn
Singer Andrea Pellegrini

The Piazzolla Orchestra’s concerts are packed with the swinging walses, dramatic songs and fiery fugues by the Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla. His music has often been associated with the tango because both derives from the city of Buenos Aires.

But Piazzolla’s music is all its own! Piazzolla himself described it as “the music of Buenos Aires”. It springs from the tango but is much more refined, inspired by European composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach.

The Piazzolla Orchestra has devoted itself to this music unconditionally!

Being the cousin of Piazzollas own instrument, the bandoneon, the accordion is a somewhat unconventional instrument in the argentinian tango. Bjarke Mogensens background in the contemprorary music scene brings in a radical new sound and freshness to Piazzollas tangos on which he likes to improvise, allways creating a unique intrepretation. Guitarist and composer Per Arne Ferner has a background in jazz and rock music which adds yet another radical feature to the sound of the orchestra replacing the often used electric guitar with his acoustic steel-guitar. The ability to play the softest nuances side-by-side with raw-metal-like sounds and clusters becomes an immediate recognizable trademark of the orchestra almost creating the illusion of a 7th member as if a percussionist had joined the gang. Together they create the arrangements of the Piazzolla Orchestras repertoire exploring new paths in Piazzollas music while beeing faithfull to the spirit of the compositions.

The Orchestra was founded in 2011 by singer Andrea Pellegrini and accordionist Bjarke Mogensen and consists of 6 world-wide critically acclaimed classical and rythmical musicians, who as soloists have performed in i.a. Carnegie Hall and the Paris Opera House under conductors such as Simon Rattle.